2024 Hunger Games event calendar

 2024- New Dates:

Hunger Games: August 8th-12th

Mockingjay: August 15th-19th

THESE CAMPS ARE NOW FULL- We're sorry to announce that due to its popularity these camps have already filled up and are now full. Please follow the normal booking links in order to pay the remainder. Dates and bookings for August 2025 will open in September or October. Alternatively, you can join the waiting list for this year's camps by following the link, pressing "buy tickets" and entering you email in the box!

Sorry for any disappointment for the kids who were keen to come this year. We wish we had the capacity to run more camps and to accomodate everyone who would like to attend but these camps are such large logistical undertakings for the staff team that it's just not possible. Hope to see you again in the woods.  


Hunger Games Camp

Train in the skills you'll need in the Arena. Win sponsors. Make allies. Run from the Cornucopia into the Arena and spend 2 days in a pair tracking, stalking and ambushing other Tributes with paint Nerf Guns whilst making fires, sleeping in shelters and hoping to become Victors.


Mockingjay Camp

Join the Rebellion with other ex-Tributes in the Mockingjay camp and overthrow the Capitol guarded by peacekeepers. Capture prisoners, storm the armoury, and food stores, set booby traps, avoid the Pods, get President Snow and so much more.



 We are the only company in the UK running camps for teenagers based on the fantastic trilogy of books and films the Hunger Games. Over the last 11 years we have successfully run 25 Hunger Games themed camps, including 14 Hunger Games camps , 2 Catching Fire camps, and 8 Mockingjay camps. 

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