Hunger Games Videos

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Other awesome trailers from 2015 and 2014


What really happens on the Hunger Games

Part 1: Introduction

WildWise Hunger Games - not a book ... not a film ... THIS IS REAL!

Meet other kids - get trained - and go out in the Arena! - there is only one victor!

When you're 'killed', you lose points, but then, you go straight back out into the Arena ... wiser and ready to get your revenge!

"We only died 9 times!" - Tribute Isobel

"I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games - when I read about this camp, I thought it was too good to be true. But it was so cool and better than I'd ever imagined." Jo-Jo


Part 2: The Arena


Part 3: Stealth Kills


Part 4: Food


Part 5: Training


Part 6: Your Arena Partner


more to follow! ...