The Hunger Games Overview

Could you be as accurate as Katniss at aiming in the Arena?

Can you camouflage yourself like Peeta?

How would you overthrow the Capitol?

Tributes wanted for our five day Hunger Games and Mockingjay camps next summer holidays.

Hunger Games campTrain in the skills you'll need in the Arena. Win sponsors. Make allies.  Run from the Cornucopia into the Arena and spend 2 days in a pair tracking, stalking and ambushing other Tributes with paint Nerf Guns whilst making fires, sleeping in shelters and hoping to become Victors.

Catching Fire camp This camp is NOT RUNNING in 2018. Instead returning Tributes are invited and encouraged to become Rebels and overthrow the Capitol as part of the Rebel Army on our Mockingjay Camp, which was such a success the last two summers that we want to put more of our energy into next summer's Mockingjay Camp. 

Mockingjay camp:  Join the Rebellion with other ex-Tributes in the Mockingjay camp. Commanders from District 13 will train and prepare you for the invasion of the Capitol. Your mission is then to overthrow the Capitol guarded by peacekeepers, capture prisoners, storm the armoury, and food stores, set booby traps and take out President Snow.

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Will you Volunteer as Tribute?

Hunger Games camp - Aug 21-25
For 11-16 years : £260

Catching Fire camp - Due to the excitement and buzz around the Mockingjay camp we will not be running a Catching Fire camp this summer, so all returning Tributes are encouraged to join the Rebel Army on the Mockingjay camp instead.

Mockingjay camp - Aug 27-31
For 11-17 years : £260

 We are the only company in the UK running camps for teenagers based on the fantastic trilogy of books and films the Hunger Games. Over the last five years we have successfully run nine Hunger Games camps , two Catching Fire camps, and three Mockingjay camps. 

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