Catching Fire camp

This camp is NOT RUNNING in 2022. Instead returning Tributes are invited and encouraged to become Rebels, overthrow the Capitol and take out President Snow as part of the Rebel Army on our Mockingjay Camp. Last summer our sixth Mockingjay camp was such a success, adventure and fun for all that we decided to put more of our energy into the Mockingjay camp next summer and make it the biggest and best ever. 


Catching Fire camp may return in 2023 but until then returning Tributes can come on the Mockingjay camp. Below is some information on the camp as and when it runs. 


Can you survive the Arena clock zones?  What terrors will our Head Gamemaker unleash each hour?

Will you ally up with other Tributes? Who can you trust?




Returning Tributes who have done the WildWise Hunger Games camp, try to survive the clock zone Arena whilst tracking, stalking and ambushing other Tributes; all whilst finding and protecting a safe base for themselves and their Allies.

In the Catching Fire camp the Hunger Games also continues after dark and includes night time hiding and stalking with glow in the dark luminous nerf bullets. (Tributes don't have to particpate in the dark if they don't want to). Tributes can also sleep near a fire, deep in the Arena,  in a shelter/den they've made with their Allies. 

The 'WildWise Catching Fire' camp is open to all but is preferably for returning Tributes who have done the 'WildWise Hunger Games' camp, or 12-16 year olds who have experience of being in the woods. We strongly encourage new Tributes to do our 'WildWise Hunger Games' camp first both to unless the dates absolutely don't work for them.

Cost: £290 per Tribute, includes all food & equipment (NB Tents not included but can be hired)

Arena: A beautiful area of woods and meadows nestled in the deep Somerset countryside yet only 6 miles from Bristol and 6 miles from the M5.

To Book / Dates: There will not be a Catching Fire camp in 2022, due to the excitement around the Mockingjay camp. We want to make next summer's Mockingjay camp the biggest and best ever and are putting our energy into that. All Tributes who have done the Hunger Games camp  are invited and encouraged to turn their weapons towards the Capitol and join the Rebel Army on the Mockingjay camp

Ages: 11-16 year olds

Pairing Up: We make sure all Tributes are happily paired up with someone they feel comfortable with, so it's not a problem if teenagers (or 12 year olds) want to come on their own, as we create a easy environment to meet others. Of course Tributes are also free to pair up with a friend or brother/sister they have come with.

Lead Instructor (Head Gamemaker): Robin Bowman has worked with teenagers in the outdoors for 18 years for a variety of schools, companies, organisations and charities. He loves the fantastic Hunger Games books and films and enjoys running the Games and Arena as Head Gamemaker, and the Mockingjay camp as President Snow. He is passionate about enagaging teenagers with the great outdoors and lives on a smallholding he runs with his young family and children on Dartmoor. He works alongside an experienced and professional team. 

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